Contracting is hard.
Whether it’s moving, flipping, or remodeling, with LCC, getting your home projects done is simple and painless

LCC’s unique contractor concierge service handles the process from start to finish

Here’s how it works:

1. LCC works with you to asses the needs of your project

2. LCC creates cost-benefit analyses for remodels + repairs

3. You get an estimate menu of available contractors for remodels, repairs and inspection checklist items

4. LCC coordinates  and supervises all the contractors you select and takes care of shopping and all the sample legwork

5. You sit back and take it easy as your house gains value.

Love From Happy Clients

Lisa C. Clark is wonderful to work with and thanks to her expertise and tireless commitment to the job, we were able to up our asking price by $25K and ended up getting a full price offer almost immediately!

Duffy DeMarco

Lisa C. Clark makes things happen. She organized and oversaw the renovation of our basement and did so with an eye for detail, a ear for understanding our needs and a mind for efficiency. She knows how to give people what they want. Basically if Lisa is in charge, I don’t have to worry!

Nadia Bolz-Weber

Lisa possesses acute organizational skills and an attention to detail that surpass expectations and demonstrate an aptitude towards expenditure, researching remedies for logistics and communications skills.

Albert Castillo

Lisa went out of her way to ensure that our needs were met in our bidding process. We are in an older building with some significant structural hurdles, but Lisa was able to select and meet with very accommodating contractors that were eager to work with us and put in their bids. We saved a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money due to Lisa‘s detailed vetting of the companies and their subsequent bids.

Rebecca Born

Our Services Menu

•Home valuation
•Needs evaluation
•Cost-benefit analysis
•Contractor quotes + menu
•Contractor coordination

•Contractor supervision
•Shopping + sample legwork
•Inspection checklist items
•Staging + final cleaning coordination
•Additional handiwork

How Homeowners Benefit

•The entire remodel/repair/inspection checklist process is streamlined
•The value of your home is increased
•You don’t need to hassle with contractors
•You can enjoy the peace of mind of working with a professional
•An oftentimes stressful life transition is made worry-free

How Realtors Benefit

•Headache of contractor coordination is eliminated
•Sale value is increased
•Tons of little things are taken care of
•Beautiful, professional presentation
•Professional assistance toward a smooth, successful transaction

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2731 S. Macon Cir. (Denver, CO)

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